It’s a jungle out there



Walking into the ongoing exhibition of artist Huang Yongping at the Red Brick Museum in Beijing means walking into a world of animals. Over the last 20 years animals have dominated Huang's creations, which he has used to represent the society, culture, religion as well as the conflict and cooperation of human kind.Originally designed for the National Museum of XXI Century Arts, the exhibition, the Baton-serpent Project, is on the second leg of its world tour, which will take it out of Beijing come February 16."Although many of these works have been exhibited many times I try to make each one have the same impact as it did when it was first put on display. For me, this is not simply about moving them from one place to another, but finding ways to create new meaning with new surroundings," the artist said in a press release for the exhibition.For this second leg, Huang has shifted the focus of the exhibition onto territorial disputes, adding some new works appropriate for this theme. To this end, Huang has turned the museum into a theater of the real world, in which animals appear in horrible displays such as snakes with their flesh and skin removed and decapitated animals such as cows, sheep, horses and lions.The most shocking scene is found in a work titled Circus, which sees numerous decapitated animals placed inside and outside a tent. The necks of these animals have been covered with red cloth to create a bloody and violent scene that becomes all the more disturbing under the museum's shining lights and clean marble floor.