Post Tale: Goodbye, Misery

Moderator Zhang Jianling
Speaker Feng Binyi
Venue Red Brick Art Museum
Language Chinese
Ticket FREE
“Post”is a prefix in current usage that comes loaded with a certain degree of paradox, and it is often connected with the idea of the“anti”. I feel that interpreting“post” as a word that represents both the extension of and resistance of a root word is rather apropos. Words that come attached with“post”for the most part come with a sense of the uncertain and the novel, and of course a good dose of doubt as well. But this is literally not a cutting-edge concept, since anything“post”has already taken place. Many of my works tend to take the text of a tale and alter it, but the features of the new story and the original turn out to be completely dissimilar. Goodbye, Misery not only serves to kick off the discussion, but it also suggests a semantic pun. What I’ m highlighting here is the extreme change and experimentation contained in the current era, but also the whole predicament we seem to be in. I’ d like to divvy up my talk into the following sections:
How to Understand“Post”
The Procedure of Creating a Post Tale
Some Experiments in Process
A Behavioral Guide to Possessing a Rebellious Spirit
Some Unavoidable Difficulties
How to Effectively Show that the Self is not an Idiot (aka a fool).

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